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infection control

Ceramic Studios Premier Infection Control Policy


We are registered with the Medical Devices Agency, so that you can be sure that the alloys and materials we use are of the highest standards and meet all legal requirements. We are also DAMAS accredited (a quality assurance award, specific to dental laboratories and endorsed by the BDA)

A risk assessment of the laboratory has been done and various new protocols are to be implemented in order to minimise the risk of spreading infection.



  • All employees receive an induction into PPE and cross infection control policy as part of training and returning back to work. The policy of the company operates in conjunction with all government health and safety laws and procedures

  • The laboratory provides the appropriate PPE which includes protective clothing, face masks, eye wear (visors) and gloves are worn by dental technicians during all production procedures. Protective clothing worn in the laboratory must not be worn outside

  • Administration, drivers and cleaning staff are to wear PPE inside the laboratory premises. Delivery drivers are to wear face masks and gloves when collecting and delivering from dental practices with minimum contact with practice staff or patients




  • Hand washing is to be done a regular basis. The laboratory provides hand sanitiser stations on all entrances of the premises and hand washing facilities in each bathroom




  • 2 meters (6 FT) distancing is to be implemented throughout the premises in each department between work stations and staff within the premises with staggered work shifts of all staff entering and leaving the premises




  • The plaster trap is a potential source of cross infection as undisinfected impressions are rinsed here

  • Laboratory sinks are strictly used for technical work – strictly no food or drinks residue

  • Plaster trap to be emptied weekly. People doing this job to wear protective glasses and gloves

  • Polishing lathes with pumice are changed with added disinfectant and disposed of daily

  • Air compressors are drained weekly and dust extractor units are emptied weekly




  • Denture repairs from the public are handled with PPE and are disinfected before work is commenced.

  • Shade taking and consultations are handled with PPE

  • Gloves to be worn at ALL times




  • All impressions are checked upon receipt to ensure they have been disinfected by the dental practices and cleaned before being sent to the laboratory.

  • Following acceptance, impressions are disinfected by the Immersion method for 10 minutes before casting the impressions. Dental Technicians handling the impressions use PPE whilst doing so




  • All finished cases leaving the laboratory are cleaned with detergents and ultra sonics but not sterilised. Under the Medical Devices regulations, there is a note on our lab docket to this

effect. It is the dentist’s responsibility to decide whether work should be disinfected before

fitting in the patient’s mouth




  • The laboratory has a cleaning company to perform a general clean three times a week

  • No food is to be consumed in lab areas

  • Work bench areas are to be kept uncluttered and clean for disinfecting. All work areas and equipment/machinery used are cleaned at the end of each day in preparation for disinfecting

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